Evanston Recreation Center

3204 Woodburn Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

The Evanston Recreation Center is located at the corner of Montgomery Road and Woodburn Ave. The center offers after school drop-in activities for youth and teens and hosts an active senior program.

It is our constant goal to provide the best quality recreation services available.

2023 Annual Membership Fees
Youth (0-17)   $2 All Centers
Adults (18-59)   (18-24) $10/(25-54) $25
Mature Adults (60+)   $10 All Centers
Fitness Center   $10/Quarter

*All-CRC Pools Memberships and the Dunham Regional Aquatic Center Memberships are Sold Separately.
Facility Map
Neighborhoods Served

Avondale - East Walnut Hills - Evanston - Hyde Park - Walnut Hills

Amenities Available
Computer Center - Fitness Center - Free Parking - Game Room - Gym - Jogging Trail - Kitchen - Meeting Room - Playground - Shallow Pool